With the advent of the internet we have the opportunity everyday to introduce ourselves to potential clients. And making a great first impression is the key to success. Not only do we need to show them we understand their needs, but we need to build their confidence that we are professional, capable and successful at what we do.

Would you introduce yourself to a client in person with bad hair, no makeup and old clothes? Unfortunately that’s what you’re doing when you use a poorly executed portrait on your website, LinkedIn profile etc.


4 things to avoid if you’re trying to make a great first impression.

1. Phone and webcam photos make you look cheap and amateurish.

2. Overly retouched images. You know the glamor shot type photos that some real estate agents use. People love to do business with real people, folks who are just like them, not somebody who’s trying to look like a model.

3. Old photos & outdated photos.  Hair and clothing styles change and it’s important to stay up to date.  If you haven’t had a new portrait in 5 years you’re way past due.

4. Boring portraits on a backdrop with no personality. A portrait taken in an environment is so much more interesting and when done correctly helps tell your story. You may think your office doesn’t present itself to creating a good portrait, but I can assure you I have created beautiful portraits in very tiny spaces.