I know branding is important and how valuable it is to try and a create a positive perception about your business in the mind of your clients by looking professional and successful. Who wants to do business with someone who doesn’t look  successful?

However, I just don’t understand how business owners overlook the most important part of branding. Businesses pay thousands of dollars for a nice logo or a new design for their marketing collateral, but they won’t spend a few hundred dollars on a great portrait. Can you recall any logos from companies you do business with? I doubt it, but I’ll bet you can recall the faces of people from those companies.

That’s because our brains are hardwired to remember faces.  Maybe it’s something evolutionary or necessary for survival, but there is a part of our brains that has the sole function of remembering faces. Take advantage of that brain trait and start building familiarity and connection with potential clients by using your portrait on your web site, in your emails and on your business cards.

In his best selling book on marketing, “Book Yourself Solid,” author Michael Port urges people to have professionally produced portraits or video created and use them any way they can to demonstrate their professionalism on all promotional materials both online and off.  Call me, I can help you make a great first impression and be remembered.