Accurate color reproduction is critical when creating professional portraits, especially if the images will be used in business cards, magazines, and brochures. We use a Gretag Macbeth color chart and Photoshop together so that we can produce accurate color for our clients. This is a very scientific method for accurately reproducing the colors of your hair, skin, and clothing.  

Most computer monitors do not display true colors and must be calibrated to produce authentic color. If you’re in a office with more than one computer you can usually see that each monitor displays colors a little bit differently. Some monitors may be more blue and some more yellow or any other color shift possible. Every monitor has a profile it uses to display color, but it must be correctly set up or the color will not be accurate. A profile is like a recipe for creating color.

Printers also have profiles and if a printer has not been calibrated to the correct profile/recipe then you’ll get varying color shifts in your prints. If you need help profiling a monitor or printer please contact us and we’ll see what we can do.

The images below show the difference between a color corrected image on the left and images with color shifts on the right. If the image on the left doesn’t look correct on your monitor, then it probably needs to be profiled.