Pricing for Executive Portraiture
Not everyone can afford a professional high quality business portrait. However, if you’re interested in creating a great first impression, standing out from the crowd and being remembered, then you understand the value.  The quality of my work shows in the lighting, posing, expressions and professional retouching.  I’m reliable, easy to work with and guarantee my work 100%

The price of a professional portrait depends on several factors.

How many people will be photographed ?
I give discounts based on the number of people being photographed. The more people the better the price. That’s because the majority of the time is spent scouting the location and setting up the lights and camera. I can usually photograph two people for almost the same price as one.  I’ve had a number of business professionals get together with other associates or friends to save money.

What are the portraits being used for?
If you’re going to be using the portraits on billboards and in national advertising they will cost more.  However if they are for your advertising, local magazines, PR releases, web sites etc. then the price is a lot less.

Do you want portraits on a backdrop or are you looking for environmental portraits on location?
Bringing in a backdrop and the lighting required takes more time and costs a bit more.

How many images to you want retouched?
Most portrait prices include retouching of one image. Additional images are retouched for an additional fee.

Are you a non-profit or just starting up?
I give discounts to non-profits and people who are just starting a new business.

Send me an email at or call me at 503-449-4743 and I’ll give you a great price for a portrait that will make you memorable.

Your responsiveness ENTIRELY exceeded my expectations. Please tell people I said so! I will do the same.  Doug ’s professionalism and service ethic are perhaps the best I have experienced in quite awhile. Kudos to whomever selected Doug Crouch Photography as our vendor for professional photos. I can’t imagine using anyone else for my future needs (personal or professional).
Jennifer Steinhilber