Here us a short 75 second business video I did for Cassell Consulting that talks about how they can help their clients achieve success.

Even though this video is only 75 seconds in length it takes more time to create than one might think. That’s because the spokesperson has the most difficult part in the creation of the video.  Most people are camera shy to start with and when you ask them to interact with a video camera it brings up that fear of public speaking we’re all familiar with. Unfortunately that fear can be subtlety conveyed in the video and audio.

There are several options that can help overcome this anxiety.

  • The first is to memorize the dialogue. Occasionally this works, but I have found it can seem a bit stiff and contrived. The speaker becomes so worried about getting the lines right they come across as mechanical.
  • The second option is to use a teleprompter or large cue cards. This helps to make the presentation smoother, but there is the expense of  hiring or using a teleprompter. However, there are several programs for computers and iPads that will turn them into teleprompters.
  • The third and best way I have found is to engage the speaker to talk about their passion for what they do. Although this involves more work in the editing, I believe the message is conveyed in a way that creates a better connection with the viewers.  A great example of this is the video of Donna Holmes on my Video Portraits page. You can really sense Donna’s compassion for her work with at-risk youth.

Click on the image to watch the video.