Suggestions for Professional Portraits – Business Photos
Listed below are some suggestions for clothing, hair and make-up. However, the image is about you and your personality not how we think you should look.

Bring Several Outfits
We suggest you choose an outfit that you would wear when meeting with one of your best clients. You can bring several outfits and we’ll help you choose if you’re not certain which will look the best. Or we can photograph you in several outfits and see which you prefer. We don’t charge extra for clothing changes.

Clothing colors
Solid colors in the mid-tones work best. Avoid bright colors, busy patterns, plaids, large areas of white and anything else that’s going to distract from the center of attention which is – yes,  your face. If you’re a woman with long hair be careful your outfit isn’t the same color as your hair because your hair will disappear into the color. Beige, tan and other pale tones don’t look that great next to skin and we suggest you avoid them. 

Being photographed in bright colors can be advantageous when your portrait is going to appear in an online directory with rows of images. Wearing something bright red, rust or orange will make you stand out from the typical head-shot on a page of images.

Style – classic and conservative

Classic and conservative clothing will be more flattering and won’t look as dated when styles change.  Wearing a suit coat or jacket looks professional, but if you want to portray a working casual look try some with just a shirt and tie.  The fit of your clothing is important – don’t wear a shirt or suit that’s too big or too tight. It will show and there are some things we refuse to Photoshop because it’s just too much damn work.

Accessories – keep it simple
If you are an artist or creative person feel free to bring hats, scarves or other props to enhance the  story about who you are. Jewelry is great, but keep it simple. Accessories should complement your appearance, not overwhelm it. If you wear glasses most of the time, we recommend you wear them for your portrait. We can always try some shots without them. Digital film is cheap.

Hair & make-up
Do your makeup as you normally would and bring some powder and eye liner if you have it. Don’t try something like a new haircut or a makeup style that you’re not accustomed to.